E-LinguaFolio Closing June 30, 2018

eLinguafolio blog

January downtime

We had a bit of necessary downtime in January, and have moved to a new domain name - elinguafolio.ncpublicschools.gov. Please make a note of it, and use this as the new address to reach the NC eLinguaFolio platform until further notice.

August server move

In an effort to meet new capacity, we've moved elinguafolio to a new server home. The move was done August 29, and some residual data files will continue to migrate over throughout the evening.

The transfer should be finished by late Saturday night.

If you have any troubles with the system, please let us know via support@elinguafolio.org.


Invitation process

We've had reports of teachers having trouble inviting students. Please note that copying/pasting names and emails from Excel is not supported.

Server update

We've had an intermittent problem where our server would fill up with data, and leave us with no disk space. This would cause some of you to have trouble uploading files or saving information. We believe this problem is resolved at this point - the problem had not appeared in 5 days. If you notice a problem, please email support@elinguafolio.org

iOS7 and file uploads

iOS7 changed how file uploads work a bit, and as a result don't work yet with eLinguafolio. We're making some upgrades and testing next week and hope to have this resolved soon.

Uploading photos and videos from the camera roll work fine from iOS6.

Viewing shared portfolios

For teachers, if you click the 'portfolios shared with me' link, you'll see options but they may break for you when you click them. We're working on fixing this ASAP. In the meantime, visit your 'friends' tab, click a student, then view their shared portfolios. We should have a fix for this by the weekend.

EDIT: This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Server slowness

We've had reports of server slowness today and are investigating. We will be making some changes to the system over the next couple of days as we investigate and fix. Thank you for your patience.

File upload fix

Any file whose extension was uppercased was not working properly (file.MPEG, etc). This has been resolved and released as of this morning.

More email registration news

We've switched to a different outgoing mail service provider which should reduce or eliminate the bounces to some districts we were experiencing. If you'd registered, but did not get an email, use the 'forgot password' link and enter your email address in again to receive a new link to reset your password and use your account as normal.

Uploading profile pics

Some of you may have experienced problems uploading your profile pictures over the last few days. This problem should be resolved now. If you had a problem earlier with your profile pic not uploading properly, please try again

Student setup made easier

If you're a teacher using elinguafolio, we've just made it easier to get started from scratch with new student accounts.

Click the 'invite' link at the top of the screen after you're logged in. You'll be asked for a 'real name', 'system name' and email address for each student.

A real name would be something like "Titus Yoder", and the 'system name' would be something like "tyoder98". The email needs to be unique to each student and not in the system already.

If you want to test this first, you can create multiple accounts with multiple gmail addresses using the "+" trick. If your gmail is "tyoder98@gmail.com", you can add a plus in to make a new unique address, such as "tyoder98+abc@gmail.com". All those "+" emails will come to the same inbox in gmail, but are considered unique by most web applications.

After you've entered in student info (up to 8 at a time), you then select what portfolio subject(s) you want to set up for them. Typically you'll probably just choose one - Spanish, French, etc.

When you hit "Invite" on that page, after choosing subjects, a student account will be created, a subject portfolio will be set up for them, they will be 'friended' to you, and the subject portfolios will be automatically shared with you.

The "8 at a time" limit is in place because sending too many emails at once slows things down quite a lot - we may lift this limit in the future, but this is an experimental feature at this point, so please test it and send your comments to support@elinguafolio.org

A video is available at https://vimeo.com/74727504

Bug fix!

We had a bug report concerning viewing 'can do' statements and evidence on shared accounts (thanks Ms. Ingersoll). We believe this bug has been fixed as of Sunday September 15.

Registration emails

To get registered, the system will send a link to your email when you first sign up. However, some email servers are blocking the registration emails, meaning you'll never get the email, never get the link, and can't register.

We've just made a change Saturday evening (Sept 14) which should allow more emails to go through, and we may make changes later in the month.

In the short term, if it's still not working, you may need to ask your school's IT department to allow emails from 'elinguafolio.org' to get through your spam filters.

Server move

We've moved the linguafolio system over to a new server which should help things perform faster than they have in the past. If you notice any issues, please email support@elinguafolio.org